Artistic Easel Studio 45~65" TV Stand FS12-46F

Artistic Easel Studio 45~65" TV Stand FS12-46F.


Artistic Easel Studio...
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Artistic Easel Studio 45~65" TV Stand FS12-46F.


Artistic Easel Studio 45~65" TV Stand FS12-46F Application

The Easel Studio Stand a unique and elegant easel design with shades of intense black and glossy amber providing a stunning image to viewers and visitors alike.

The Stand can hold TVs up to 65", ideal for commercial use and residential use.


* Special Swivel Ability: Adjust the TV angle for better view.
* Snap Lock : For easier and quick TV assembly.
* Easy Cable Management: Keeps cables organized and safe.
* Anti-Slip Rubber Pads: Prevents slippery and floor scratching.


TV Mount Type: TV Floor Stand
Material: Steel, Plastic,Aluminum
Color: Matte Black, Walnut Tripod Base,
Dimensions: 1385x880x420mm (54.5"x34.6"x16.5")
Fit Screen Size: 45"-65"
VESA Compatible: 200x200~600x400 mm
TV Bracket Wight Capacity: 35Kg (77lbs)
Swivel Range: +180°~-180°
Screen Rotation: NO Screen Rotation


These products may contain chemicals (including but not limited to Styrene, BPA, DINP, etc) known only to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more information about pro 65, please CLICK HERE.

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