Wireless HDMI / IR / USB Extender (Up to 656ft, One-to-One, HDMI Loopout, 2T2R Detachable Antennas, up to 1080p 60Hz Maximum)

Wireless HDMI / IR / USB Extender (Up to 656ft, One-to-One, HDMI Loopout, 2T2R Detachable Antennas, up to 1080p 60Hz Maximum)

To reduce wireless interference, we recommend placing...

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Wireless HDMI / IR / USB Extender (Up to 656ft, One-to-One, HDMI Loopout, 2T2R Detachable Antennas, up to 1080p 60Hz Maximum)

To reduce wireless interference, we recommend placing the HDMI extender in areas where common sources of interference, such as wireless cameras, microwaves, cordless phones, etc. are not near


Wirelessly extend HDMI signals up to 656 feet with IR support. The wireless HDMI extender supports resolutions up to 1080p 60Hz with a HDMI local loopout included for HDMI display on both the local (transmitter) and remote (receiver) side. Perfect for applications requiring both sides to be viewed. Built-in USB ports allow an additional keyboard and mouse to be plugged in for control if necessary. The wireless HDMI extender features low end to end latency (16ms), and can be used for various commercial or residential applications faced with wired limitations.

Increased Wireless Signal and Distance

Two detachable antennas provide a better signal and increased distance.

Increased Wireless Signal and Distance

Eliminate Cabling, Simplify Installation

There are two primary ways to extend a HDMI connection. You can either run a long cable or extend over an Ethernet cable. Both ways involve running cabling, which can be an issue in certain applications. By extending the HDMI connection wirelessly, not only do you eliminate cabling, but it gives you more flexibility in where you place your HDMI source and display. Imagine placing the HDMI source upstairs in a closet, while placing the television outside, in a patio. This can be easily done with the wireless HDMI extender.

Eliminate Cabling, Simplify Installation

Up to 656 feet Distance

We get it. You need a setup that spans a long distance. Our wireless HDMI extender allow distances up to 656 feet, covering most residential homes and businesses (Note: wireless distance varies. Factors such as concrete or metal may decrease the distance. We suggest testing the setup to determine maximum distance capability for your particular application). IR cables are included so that you can control your HDMI source through your remote display. Simply point the IR emitter towards the IR sensor of the source, and set the IR receiver anywhere where you will be pointing the remote at, and you're ready to control. Only the IR emitters that come with the product are compatible. IR emitters that are not purchased with this kit will not work

Extending HDMI Wirelessly

USB Keyboard / Mouse Control

This device features the ability for you to control your PC from a remote location. Directly connect your PC to the transceiver via HDMI and USB cable. The receiver features two USB 1.1 A ports which can be used to connect a mouse, keyboard, or nano receiver in order to control your PC.

USB Keyboard / Mouse Control


* Extends HDMI signal wirelessly at up to 656 feet (200m)
* Supports resolutions up to 1080p 60Hz
* Supports IR functionality, allowing users to control source from a remote location
* One-to-One with local loopout for displaying locally and remotely
* Wi-Fi Connectivity: 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n
* Low end to end latency: 16ms (TX to RX)
* Receiver device includes two USB 1.1 ports for connecting a mouse, keyboard, or nano receiver. Perfect for applications requiring keyboard / mouse control
* Dual antenna design for a more stable and stronger signal compared to a single antenna
* Plug and play installation


* Supported Resolutions: 1080i @ 50/60Hz, 1080p @ 50/60Hz, 720p @ 50/60Hz, 576p @ 50Hz, 480p @ 60Hz
* Transmit Distance: Up to 656ft (200m) at 1080p (clear line of sight)
* Audio format: 48/44.1 KHz, 16bit digital audio
Port and Interface (TX)
1. HDMI In
2. HDMI Out (loop-through)
3. IR jack (for IR Emitter)
4. Micro USB B
5. Power switch
6. Power adapter
7. LED status (power/connection/data)
Port and Interface (RX)
1. HDMI Out
2. IR jack (for IR Receiver)
3. USB 1.1 Type A (x2)
4. Power switch
5. Power adapter
6. LED status (power/connection/data)
System Latency: 16ms
IR Frequency: 20-60KHz
Antenna: Detachable external antennas (5dBi)
Power Supply: DC5V, 2.5A
Operating Temperature: 0°C ~ 40°C (32°F ~ 104°F)
Storage Temperature: -40°C ~ 70°C (-40°F ~ 158°F)
Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 9.5 x 13.9 x 2cm (x2)
Weight: 120g Enclosure: Plastic
LED Indicators
Blue & Red Light (Power)
A. Red light: Power is off or abnormal
B. Blue light: Power is on and detected HDMI input source
Orange (Pairing)
A. Blinking orange: Unpaired
B. Solid orange: Paired
Green (WiFi)
A. Solid green: WiFi working
B. Flickering green: Data is transferring

Package Includes

1 - Wireless HDMI Transceiver
1 - Wireless HDMI Receiver
4 - Antennas
2 - 5V 2.5A Power Supplies
1 - IR Emitter
1 - IR Receiver
2 - HDMI Cables


No Video or Bad Video Connection

* It takes about 45 seconds after powering on the HDMI extender for the signal to relay correctly on both the TX and RX
* Make sure the HDMI cables are plugged in correctly. HDMI cables are included in the package. If you are using another HDMI cable, please sure you use one that includes good shielding to prevent noise
* The HDMI extender uses a 2.4GHz frequency. Avoid interference by other 2.4GHz wireless devices
* If problems still occur, please restart both the TX and RX

Bad Audio

* The HDMI extender only supports 48/44.1kHz 16-bit digital audio. Make sure the source device is set to the correct audio standard before use Short Coverage Distance
* The wireless distance between the TX and RX is up to 200 meters or 656 feet with a clear line of sight. Distance will be shortened if there are too many interfering signals or when going through concrete walls

IR Blaster is not Working

* Use the original remote control that came with your source device
* Make sure the IR emitter is pointed at the IR window of the source device
* The distance from the IR receiver to the remote control should be within 5 meters
* The IR cables are based on a 20-60kHz frequency. This should support most IR remote controls in the market

USB Keyboard / Mouse not Working

* Make sure the TX side is connected via a Micro-USB to USB Type A cable


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