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Pigtail Balun AC/DC Adapter

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Pigtail Balun AC/DC Adapter

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Pigtail Balun AC/DC Adapter, Balun AC/DC Y-Cable Adapter

This Balun Y-Cable provides a standard power input jack to add AC/DC power onto the Cat5 cable running between two baluns. It serves to pass thru video (wires 7 & 8) while adding power onto the remaining wires in the Cat5 cable for the camera balun. This allows for higher power levels to be supplied to the camera when insufficient power is available from the monitor balun itself. It also allows AC powered cameras to be used with a rackmount balun that is DC powered. Compatibility with 3-pair power camera baluns is maintained because the adapter sends power over 3 pairs of wires in the Cat-5.


* Input side: 2.1mm DC jack (standard size)
* Output (video): RJ45 plug for video output to monitor balun
* Output: RJ45 jack carrying video and power
* Typical application: supplying up to 24VDC to cameras that are connected via a video balun (3-pair power type)
* Designed for Video Baluns that use 3-pair power
* Video pass-thru on wires 7,8 of Cat5
* Power input to wires 1 thru 6 of Cat5

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